NASAE members may communicate with each other through listservs. The NASAE executive treasurer adds and deletes listserv names and e-mail addresses. If you are a new state ag ed staff person who needs to be added to the listservs, please send an e-mail message to the NASAE executive treasurer to be added to the listservs.

You must be subscribed to the listservs in order to send messages via the listservs. Only state ag ed staff persons will be added to the listservs.

The listservs are intended for official agricultural education related messages. We respectfully request that you not send jokes, solicitations, advertisements, or other items not related to agricultural education. NASAE reserves the right to remove subscribers from the listservs who do not use the listservs appropriately.

If you are subscribed to a listserv included below, you may click on that listserv to send a message to it.

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