NASAE Awards      
The National Association of Supervisors of Agricultural Education annually recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to agricultural education.

NASAE presents five awards annually:

  • Outstanding State Supervisor: recognizes a NASAE member who has made outstanding contributions to agricultural education state supervision.
  • Outstanding Executive Secretary: recognizes a NASAE member serving as a state executive secretary.
  • Outstanding New Member: recognizes a NASAE member having completed 3-5 years as a state staff/NASAE member
  • Outstanding State Staff: recognizes state staff members such as regional supervisors, foundation directors, leadership coordinators, etc
  • Innovation Award: recognizes at least one state in each region for an innovative idea in curriculum, leadership development or experiential learning

2021 Award Winners      

2021 Outstanding State Supervisor
Joshua Bledsoe, North Carolina

2021 Outstanding Executive Secretary
Ben Lastly, Georgia

2021 Outstanding State Staff
Sarah Dornink, Minnesota

2021 Outstanding New Member
Catie Rowe, New York

2021 Innovation Award Winners

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2020 NASAE Award Winners

2020 NASAE Presidents


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